Is there a better way?!


Sorry the title was so vague, but I found that curiosity usually gets the better of you and thus, my questions are answered faster. Anyway, getting down to it.

I recently purchased a external lunchbox Lite-on DVD writer (works great…finally) and have mostly used it to back up the countless episodes of anime that I have (all unlicensed until recently) Pretty much all of the eps format are .avi’s. I have almost every authoring and encoding tool, but mostly use Nero, since it does everything at once, but now im getting erked (sp?) because the most recent encode/author/burn took exacly 5 hours 14 minutes and 15 seconds…I dont know if im making a big deal, but HOLY S***! It was a 2 piece movie already in .mpg format, so I didnt think it would take so long, but it took longer than the other one (by about 2 hours T.T) …Long story short, I NEED to know if there is a quicker way to back-up all of my anime. I haven’t even made a dent on it yet. (4 DVDs and about 120GB left…) I know encoding and authoring is a tedious process, but I cant stand knowing it will take an eternity to back it all up…Im at a loss for what to do. If it was just on a DVD it would be quicker, i know, but they are all .avis on my computer. I hope you guys can help.

Thanks in advance (and sorry for the long read!)

@ Aethenoth,

Suggest visiting the Pegasys Web Site located at and try a copy of TMPGEnc DVD Author.