Is there a BEST firmware for my discs

I have purchased 150 of fuji 4x RICOHJPN-R01-002 and I was wondering if there is a “best” FW for these as its all I will be using for a while. Can anyone comment and their experience with a particular FW and these discs? I have the NEC 3500 and currently using quickees 2.28 milestone.

2.18 or 2.AD will also work well with this media.

“Best” depends on who you ask. Be happy with the one that works for you.

I dont have one that works for me thats why Im asking. DUH.

That sounds like one that works. :slight_smile:

Everyone has his best firmware that works best for him… in other words there is no best overall firmware or for a particular MID. The best thing is that you try some firmwares and use the one that works best for you and your discs. =)