Is there a BENQ 1640pro model?

Hi, the only Benq 1640 model available here is called “BENQ DVD-RW DL 1640pro” i knew about the 1640 model but 1640pro? i didn´t find this model with the “pro” in the Benq site or in google, is this a fake or something? if not, what´s the difference to the known Benq 1640? Thank you!


Would help if you defined where ‘here’ is-eh!


Hi, i live in Argentina, hope someone knows if there is such a model 1640 pro, Thank you!

Can you post a link. No one here has heard of a 1640pro model. :slight_smile:

Maybe a new model?

Sure, but it is in spanish:

if you cant find at BenQ website, then there is no such thing as BenQ 1640Pro unless the regular BenQ1640 translated into Spanish as BenQ1640Pro