Is there a backup software that can backup file when you choose save file from a program?

I wonder if there is a simple backup program that can allow me to mark any folder for a backup and when I save or move a file in it a copy of the file is immediately created in another folder.
I wish using the system it was possible to make an alias that points to 2 folders on different hard drives (namespaces).
So far I’ve been using Save As or manually copying important files to different drives to make backups.

I have Norton Ghost and have tried several other backup programs including windows system backup but I have given up because I find them too inefficient and somehow more complicated than using Save As or manual copying. The programs I have tried so far make backups only on schedule or using “make backup now button” or some useless events like opening a program. Also they use a propitiatory file format to backup and this restricts the backup file recovery only to a computer with the same backup software installed.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Can’t that be done with ‘Synching’ software, like you’d use to keep your thumbdrive current?

Try DSynchronize. It can synchronise two maps real time.

thank you [I][I]Mr. Belvedere[/I], exactly what I needed