Is there a 2500A speedhack?

I am only ripping at 0.8x, and it is driving me nuts. It was ripping at 1.6x, which is by no means fast, but acceptable I suppose.
Any ideas?

Yes, there is a speed hack - and there a plenty of threads mentioning it, so the search button could have been handy. Also the read first stickies are good sources for general advice.

Anyway, look at for a speed hack.


Well, I posted a new thread because I am using an updating firmware. I am using 1.07V2 Beta 4, which I thought had it already.
Would you have any reccomendations?

Well, Herries firmware has a speed hack, so that is not the problem then.

Are you sure that the drive is running in DMA mode? It may well be that is has defaulted to PIO mode if you had a disc with a lot of minor reading errors.

One of the read firsts describes the cure - try looking it up.