Is their any way to speed up BitComet

Is their any way to speed up BitComet because my downloads on it are going so slow

Increase the speed of your uploads? Make sure you have a listen port opened?

Make sure XP has been patched to remove that irritating “10 TCP/IP connection limit” thing?

Other than that, no.

& how do you do this i ask??? cause it always seems like its slow even with a 714 upload?

Ok, if you’re running Windows XP SP2, your bit torrents are going to mostly stink unless you override windows’ TCP/IP limitation. There are a number of patches out there to do this, all of which are quasi-legit. Do a quick search on google for “LVLLORD”. :wink:

Also, have you opened the listen port? You NEED to do that. If you have a firewall or a router, you HAVE to open up that port, or else nobody can contact you to say “hey, I have more pieces of this torrent for you”.

Isn’t that was UPnP is for?

I use bitcomet pro.

Try BitSpirit, it will apply the XP patch for you during the install.

Throttle your upload to about 80% of your upload line capacity, as saturating the upstream will cripple the downstream - alternatively, hand the entire throttling task over to CFOS Speed - once trained, it shuld be able to prioritize necessary reply traffic over upload bulk.

OHHH I hate BitSpirit. It is a rip from BitComet not to metion it went slow for me. BitComent, Utorrent, and BitComet Turbo go averge of 90KB and 100KB for me. It is the same with Azureus.

U need to remove the XP limitation with the “p2p remover” patch.

hey I,m kinda new to bitcomet could you please tell me hoe the “thing” works