Is the Xbox 2 sticking with DVD over blue laser?



I just posted the article Is the Xbox 2 sticking with DVD over blue laser?.

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Actually, it is
not much other than a rumor. With hardware that is not ready for…

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it shouldnt matter what format they use. anything dvd and greater is perfectly fine for games. i dunno, maybe games might require larger capacity media, but if not i dont think its a problem.


Well if they don’t step-up to HD-DVD or Blu-Ray then they should at least keep the hard drive option! MB


Current X-Box games rarely max out the current DVD capacity. The next XBox generation is a hardware upgrade of course, the size of the games are unlikely to increase due to better rendering (&c.) capability. Marketing hype aside, I think it’s a smart business move to rely on a proven and cost effective standard. Microsoft may not win in terms of unit sales next generation, but they sure might turn a better profit margin.


the graphics will be better on the xbox2 right? Games like halo2 were bigger then a dvd5. The better the graphics, the more space. 8.5gb is alot of room, but depending on the graphics quality, some of time games might need a little more then 8.5gb :frowning: you could make do… but do they really want to back themselves into a corner like that?


better graphics does not necessarily mean it takes up more space. it does, but not by a large margin. instad of backing into a corner, they could be getting themselves out of one, you know. the only reason games will take up more space (by a lot) is if they have video. but games dont use prerendered stuff that much anymore (like for intros) since the graphics are so good anyways.


and yes, zed, some games were bigger than DVD5, but then again you know that once they reach DVD5 they are only half the way to dvd9? theres room.


If M$ did go to one of the new formats then they could offer dvd movies and xbox games on the same disc. This would make the games worth their supposed $60+ price tag! --Kahoona


i just want the price of game title to be cheaper…


I remember when I thought a 120 Mb HD was too much for my PC… It was just 12 years ago… I think in the next 10 years Blueray technology will not be enough for average consumers…
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I agree with Alseides and fully understand Xbox’s decision, what’s the use if they cannot use the full capability of Blu-ray, while they can stick to the DVD5 and DVD9 for a better margin. The Lifeline of a console isn’t that long anyway… every 5-6 years than there will be a new generation… But for me doesn’t matter which format they use, as long as it’s affordable; good price/quality ratio!


capability also capacity… :stuck_out_tongue:


rmtaibo you said you thought that a 120mb for your pc was too much 12 years ago. well certainly consumers have been able to download much much more stuff and now in some cases 120gb might not be enough. heres the thing - comsumer will always need more space for more data. however for games it just doesnt seem logical that they increase in capacity at anywhere near the rate that we need for personal files.


“and now in some cases 120gb might not be enough” I read tha above and had to laugh. The primary drive in my machine is 120Gb - the storage drive is 250Gb. I’ve seen it drop to 17Gb of free space before a burnfest cleared it.
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Take computer games as a prime example. Most (not all) current generation games take up a single CD! That’s 750MB, a far cry from DVD capacity. On current system, that 750MB goes a long way. Graphics quality does not scale in direct proportion with game size. BlueRay is a Sony innovation, of course they will use it, just like they use all their proprietary formats for their technology.