Is the way liteys burner speed changes typical?

isee that the 32x is only 30 sec faster than the 24x because of the odd way thye burner speed is increased. is this normal for all burners? i can’t really see the benefit of a faster drive being sold if the performance increase only applies to the last part of the burn cycle! or do they just hope that we are all stupid as hell???

The problem is that it’s impossible to make the cd rotate fast enough to get a high start speed.

There is writers that starts at 20X recording and goes step by step up to 32X(also the new 40X recorders will start at 20X and go step by step up to 40X).

Now with a 24X writer it’s possible to write a full CD at 4 mins, with the fastest technology that I think will be out by the end of this year(48X CAV), I think it will maybe get down to 2,5min. Whooooo a whole 1,5 min difference, not worth the wait in my opinion!!!

But they may improve in other areas like CD-RW writing that I expect to be around 20X by the end of this year.

Yes, we are some dumb fools that buys new writes just because they sounds soooo much faster, but in fact they are not.

When I saw this thread I thought “Hey, I can answer that”,
but OC-Freak answered that question perfectly already, so I don’t have much more to say… :slight_smile:

Lite-On should pay you for your efforts OC-Freak :smiley:


Oh, and yes, we are stupid as hell… But it’s fun to buy stuff… :slight_smile:


it just sucks to pay for it and not get our moneys worth. wah-wah-wah! looks like it’s going to be the 24x for me. still, it beats out my old 12x or my POS acer 8x which started screwing up 3mo’s after i bought it and tech support acted like it was not the burner. tried it in 2 other machines and now the cdrom part won’t even work without the blue screen of death. definately time for a change…