Is the upgrade worth it?

Hello all,

This is my first post at CD Freaks, but I have been reading these forums for over half a year already!:bigsmile:

I now have a question for you optical drive enthusiasts.:wink:

I currently have a Lite-On LDW-451S with GSB7 firmware that I am very happy with. I have the opportunity to receive the new SOHW-812S for free, at the expense of giving up my LDW-451S.

Now, here’s the question. Do I go for this offer?

I know that the LDW-451S can be modded to become the LDW-851S, so pretend for a moment that I’m actually comparing the LDW-851S to the SOHW-812S, even though I have not modded the LDW-451S at this time.

Going by Lite-On’s history with their other DVD burners and their reputation for high quality products that are very affordable, would you, in my position, take the SOHW-812S as an upgrade to the LDW-451S despite it not being considered great at this time?

Can I assume that it’s only going to be considered lousy in the beginning, as the LDW-411S initially was due to non-mature firmware? Then after several firmware revisions, would it be as great of a burner as the others?

Sorry for rambling on like that. Can you guys help me out with this dilemma?

How can you manage a deal like that? I want in on that action :stuck_out_tongue:
I would do it in a hearbeat myself. But I like the newest and fastest. Personally I don’t have much doubt that it will end up being as good as if not better than the 4_1S/8_1S drives.

Originally posted by Ssseth
How can you manage a deal like that? I want in on that action :stuck_out_tongue:

A Walmart employee made a huge mistake in my favor!

I have a cousin who has requested a DVD burner as a present, so having an LDW-451S myself, I figured I’d go to Walmart and pick one up for him (he wanted a burner with a black bezel) for $99. Well, they were fresh out of the LDW-451S, but the guy, who obviously didn’t know any better or was afraid to lose a potential customer, went and gave me the shiny new 8x burner that was there only as of a few days before, because he got really talkative and I told him it was for my cousin’s birthday present. I asked him when they were going to restock on the other one, and he said sometime next week. My cousin’s birthday is this Sunday.

So basically, I can take the new SOHW-812S for myself (which is currently sitting unopened a few feet away from me), and give my cousin my current LDW-451S, or I can keep the LDW-451S and not open up my case, and just give my cousin the brand new SOHW-812S.

By the way, just for the record, this isn’t a surprise birthday present, because my cousin knew I’d be getting him the LDW-411S/451S, so he would not complain if he received the LDW-451S and knew that I took the SOHW-812S for myself. Besides, he’s done stuff like this to me before anyway. :eek:

I’d like to get some more opinions on the matter though. :bigsmile:

Most of the 812 scans look better then the stock 451, I’d do the 812 too plus it may have some cool mods later.

Personally, I like to have the newest of the new…

but…as far as I can tell, the 812 really isn’t all that much better than the 851s…and it doesn’t seem to be upgradable to dual sided burning so its not really a big deal.

Also…as of the last firmware update…the 851s is running very stable and performing very well.

I don’t think i’d bother swapping.