Is the TDK 32x10x40 VeloCD a LiteOn?

Hi…I’ve read that TDK has switched to using rebranded Lite-On drives for their CD-RW drives.

Since the 32x10x40 VeloCD is now on sale at CompUSA for $69.99 ( ), I wanted to make doubly sure before I buy it. Can someone confirm that it is indeed a Lite-On drive?


Hard to say since they changes manufacturer all the time. And I’m not sure if all models is made by Lite-On.

If the serial number begins with a ‘B’ then it is a rebadged Lite-on. If the serial number begins with an ‘X’, then it is a Sanyo. The serial number is found on the bottom of the box.

Woah, the Litey 32x is a 32x12x40, not a 32x10x40. Maybe the rebadged drive is something other than a Litey.

Ah, good catch. So it’s not a Lite-On. Oh, well, I’ll just have to wait for another sale…

Not a very good catch, after all. Actually, this has been discussed before. The TDK 32x10x40 that has a serial number that starts with a ‘B’ is a Lite-on rebadge. It is actually a 32x12x40, but the box or description does not say so.

I have one, so I know and I have checked the situation out thoroughly. You were willing to believe someone who made the dubious suggestion about the description. Descriptions are often wrong with rebadgers. the only way to know for sure what they are selling is to check the serial number or open the box! Of course, it could be a Sanyo, but you will never know!

Of course, da Taxman would probably say that you could have gotten this information by doing a search.

OK, I just bought the CD-RW drive (yes, a “B” version) and it is a Lite-On. I’m happily burning backups as I type this. Thanks runner.