Is the Sony DRU-800 same as Lite-On 1693S



I hear that the Sony DRU-800 is a rebadged LITE ON 1693S is that true and can i get a review anyplace of either drive. Also any experiences about the drives from any one who uses it would help.


Samirar, check out the following :


yeah Sony
DRU-800a (liteOn 1693s)
DRU-720a (LiteOn 1673s)


thanks for the reply guys


the liteon version for the 800 is the better for media support, code’s id patch is the best firmware to flash to the sony


I hardly think that 8 MIDs makes a huge difference.

js07.txt (14.6 KB)

ky01.txt (14.3 KB)

ks04.txt (14.7 KB)


it does for fuji media id strat swaps, getting 16x out of the fuji03, much better performance through fujifilm04 than what you get with the sony, which doesn’t have it


True, but it can simply be added with MCSE and DVD Identifier, if necessary.