Is the SOHW-1633 an obsolete drive yet?

Ok I can understand that support for the 811S has dropped - But it seems LITEON are abandonning their drives pretty quickly.

When the hell are those tossers going to update the 1633’s firmware or is BSOS the last we’ll see ?

(yes it works fine, but I’m asking because I see new updates for newer drives, but not for the 1633…) so that drive has not been out for such long and it would be ashamed for them to stop supporting it - do they bloody expect us to buy a new drive every 2 bloody months ?

They most likely bloody do.

Hey, the next one with exactly 500 posts I see in two minutes. Congrats go to mrQQ :).

Sorry but I think he should be disqualified for his one line reply. :slight_smile:

One thing is sure : My 1633 is the last Liteon drive I am spending my money in.

What happened to BS42 ?
There was BS41, then it went away, BS42 “soon”, then that went away.

Logically, they should do ONE firmware, and stamp it as 1653S and CSxx for that drive, 1633S and BS4x for the other.
Disable the DL and maybe the 12x -R, and call it 1613S
Disable the DL and the 16x, and call it 1213S (which is currently left with an old and practically useless firmware)

Really ??? Dare I ask why ? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My 1633 works like a charm and thanks to CodeGuys (I think he is responsible for LITEON make profits, and if it weren’t for codeguy, LITEON would have much less customers) for providing omnipatcher - I swapped RITEKR02 which burnt like CRAP on the 1633 with a yuden strat and now my KPROBES give max PI of 10-15, and is even read well on the 811S… If you tweak your drive you will get good results…

As to firmwares for 1633, and what happened to them, well maybe they figured something went wrong and removed them - We complain that they don’t bother testing, and now that they remove them / hold them people are still complaining… Go figure :smiley:

Anyways, despite what people say about other drives with better burn quality, I’m sticking to my LITEON, and besides I always opt for the same quality media. Just avoid the CRAP that’s all… As to NEC, the tech support is HORRIBLE…updates are not as frequent and the drives are flimsey, not to mention I’ve seen NECs break down pretty quick. As to BenQ, they can go to hell, I’ve owned ACER drives in the past and they also broke down and tech support is CRAP too… (yes BenQ = formely ACER) :slight_smile:

SO…Picking the lesser of all evils, I think LITEON wins :smiley:

My 1633 works like a charm and thanks to CodeGuys …

That’s what bothers me !!!
I really appreciate codeguys efforts, and I, myselef is having fun with some of his jobs. But I cannot trust in a firm that relies (spelling???) on communities to improve their drives.
I also appreciate my liteon in some ways (under 8X), but I just don’t trust in Liteon Ltd anymore.

I e-mailed Lite On about the new 1633S, BS42 firmware a couple of weeks ago and finally received an answer that it was still in the works. This is their response. Meanwhile I wouldn’t hold my breath!! :confused:

I’m sorry for the delayed replay.
The firmware is not ready for release, we have not finish the media
compatability list and it has not
pass the Microsoft driver compatibility test. This means you will have less
compatible media and you
might have installation problems. However if you still want it we must let
you know that we are not
responsible for any problems after the upgrade, so you may continue at your
own risk.

This is a pre-written answer!!! I have read this one about 2 month ago already!


Last week I was reading in the OtherBrandForums to check if only LiteOn was building crap, what I often read in this forum. But it seems that all brands, particularly a Benq and a Nec may die on you within weeks. :Z
So given the fact that there are an enormous amount of LiteOn’s build and sold, I think there not that bad at all. I agree that the CodeGuys and this forum are a big advantage for LiteOn, in fact, they should pay them. And I hope that LiteOn reads this forum and act swiftly to correct failures in specific drives, for instance the neverending leadout-bug. :o
I hope that the delay for new firmware to replace BS0S is caused by the fact that they really want to make it right this time. :iagree:

I burned RitekR02 (4x) with no problems with BS0S, but RitekR03 is giving bad results at 8x, unreadable in standalone (at 4x same result as R02, o.k.). Did you try another strat on that one too, can you advise me? :cool:

:smiley: Leo

I also hope that the delay is about getting it right, maybe they should consult the Codeguy and get a few hints! :iagree:

Thats not a bad idea, but I doubt a company that size will ever admit they made mistakes. But I would’nt be surprized if some of the ideas of the CodeGuys and C0deKing in particular will be incorporated in new firmware in the future.

:bow: Leo

Sorry but I disagree - As you can see this community is very strong - And often when you have situations like that you get features and benefits that other drive makers do not have… I think if you weigh the pros and cons you will see that we are very lucky with our liteons. Keep in mind LITEON is price competitive - they HAVE to cut some corners, and most companies do that now… NOTHING you buy now is built like it used to. Cost of production is on the rise AND companies have to remain competitive, so they have to sacrifice somewhere. LITEON has gone a long way - I remember I owned their CD-Writer and writing quality was HORRID…all over the place… Now CD-Writing, with the same media is quite exceptional with both my 811S and 1633…

As far as strats - not all drives are created equal - each drive is calibrated differently - it is possible that along the way something bad happens and maybe some drives are not calibrated properly or fully optimized… Example my 1633 @ BSOS burns RITEK R02 with high PI/PIF, when scanning with my 811S I am shown extremely high KPROBES and get constant skipping in my DVD players. When using starts YUDEN002, on BOTH 1633 and 811S kprobes give EXCELLENT (and identical) results and NO skipping… Maybe on YOUR drive you would not need those swaps…

As far as LITEON including those features I DO NOT THINK it is wise to do so. Not everyone has the know-how to USE such tools, and in the wrong hands you can render your drive useless and you can only imagine the calls to LITEON… I don’t think they would want that responsibility.

I don’t know why people insist on burning at 16x or always want the fastest speed. I burn ALL my DVD VIDEO at 4x, and it takes less than 15 minutes. 15 minutes is very reasonable and I get excellent quality…Why can’t people wait 15 minutes… :smiley: Even at 8x I get excellent result. I think 12x and 16x is overkill.

For the liteon series of drive if you stick to RICOHJPN, YUDEN, RITEK and MCC strats you will be just fine. YUDEN and RICOH being top ! And I’ve seen cases where some CMC FAB F01 I used gave better results than RICOHJPN, however CMC and RITEK have MIXED quality, you either get good or you get CRAP.

As far as LITEON paying codeguys and modders - don’t think it would be wise because then it means they endorse it and should anything go wrong, they will get the heat… :slight_smile:

This is a typical form reply from LITEON. BTW, what the hell does Microsoft WHQL have to do with firmwares ? The firmware is NOT a DRIVER, and it doesn’t have to pass WHQL this is ridiculous.

This is a diplomatic way of telling you “it’ll be ready when it’s done” :slight_smile:

Your perfectly right!!! but you are talking about features and benefits for 100% pleasure. This community should’nt be there to rework the drive’s base itself.

lol - It’s not reworking the drive base - it’s merely taking what’s there and making it better OR adding functionality to the drive - functionality that was NOT originally advertised as part of the drive’s feature… It’s not as if the drives are poorly built but poorly tested and optimized. As to why LITEON engineers do not do this beats me - Maybe to save on costs or maybe they figure that 90% of the people out there do not use KPROBE and think that KRPOBE is part of an alien abduction experiment :slight_smile: Who knows!

I just wonder if a firmware needs to pass the Microsoft driver compatibility test. It should be for device drivers only, not for firmware (according to my limited knowledge :bigsmile: )

It doesn’t… Only a windows driver passes WHQL, not a bloody firmware. I’d be very worried if this were an actual LITEON person who responded…very :slight_smile: WHQL certification takes a VERY long time…and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/writers use the windows driver, so there is nothing to certify, unless Microsoft keeps liteon firmware inside its website update system, which I pretty much doubt.

oh weee, thanks for the congrats lol