Is the SOHW-1213S any good?

Newegg Link.

I’ve decided to go with lite-on according to reviews, is this their best one?

In the short term, the 832S might be a safer bet- you get official DL support and the lite-on gurus here at CDF have more experience creating mods and hacking firmwares for the older generation of drives.

But on the upside, the hardware on the 1213 might eventually be capable of something like 16x DVD+R and 8x or 4x DL; you just might have to wait a while for people to tinker with drive and understand the hardware better.

We have reviewed it here:

It basically performed as well the 832s we reviewed. If you want faster write speeds (both CD and DVD) and can live without double layer support, this drive will suit your needs.

firmware needs some work…it doenst scan very well either at 4x…im patiently waiting for a new version of fw.