Is the soft. ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair good?


I am testing some bad DVSN DVD-R media (Fortis) that I have burned in the past and that is showing reading problems in my stand alone. The Fortis quality is crap but I only found it after I had burned several disks in my LDW-811s.
All these disks have movies on them in the form of AVI files (700MB each)
I am using this procedure for extracting the files:

I am reading them to the hard disk using ISOBuster. Some of the AVI files present errors and I say to ISOBuster to just ignore them. Once the files are in the HD I check with Bsplayer and it says that the file is corrupt and that seeking times will be slow. I have search and downloaded ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair for giving it a chance. I was skeptic after reading some posts that state that this kind of utilities fix the video problems but let the audio out of sync after repairing. I have not noticed any audio problems in the repaired files so far.
Is this repairing method good or is it possible to have better results using another software combination? I need that it be automatic because I don’t have time to sit and watch through all the movies for cutting the bad parts.

I appreciate your comments.