Is the site down?

Been getting MYSQL Warnings and Errors just today - is the site down or is it me?

it’s you

I’m afraid you’ve gone insane … :iagree:

Same here, MYSQL all over the place, news page that is!

mysql errors here too.

I’ll send a SMS to the big bosses…

Thanks for the warning!

The site went down last night, it wouldnt work at 11GMT, not 1/2 hour later when I tried again.

Ben :slight_smile:

the newspage is more fucked up than a leprechaun on acid.

Should be fixed now. I don’t know why, but the database server didn’t want to accept the user for our webserver. I don’t think anyone changed something here.

thanks Liggy, everything works now

Thanks from me too - all is back to normal :slight_smile:

ditto, readin’ up on the news now. thanks!

hmmm Shop down? Still have a problem there…

Shop and everything else that gave database errors should be alive again.

Mainpage and shop still isnt working for me, forum is fine however.

Still dead here in the USA.

is working fine in the US…you might need to delete your cookies…just checked it and all is well…

been sluggish for me all day with intermittent outages…just got back into the forums after a couple hours with no response from host…

We still encountered some problems. Just discussing with Domi on MSN. I hope everything is fixed now. At least I don’t see problems anymore from my PC.

Yup, works now on the Planet of the Apes.