Is the Sima ct-100 just as good as the ct-2?

I am having a hard time finding the ct-2 but have found the ct-100 at a reputable site at a reasonable price. Was just wondering if the 100 did just as good a job at duplicating as the ct-2.

Sima is shutting down hard now to find or order anything try DiMax, Big Brother at work. :a

no answers to the question? I need to order this soon. I don’t want to have to buy dimax if I can get this Godvd and it does the same as the ct-2.

Help-I have bought a sima godvd ct-100 and have 2 transformers-i don’t know which one is the right one-one is output 9vdc 600ma the other is output 12vdc 1000ma
Both fit into the hole and have same connection-
Please help-I don’t want to blow it up-which should i use?