Is the SHW-160P6S a good DVD drive?

I just got this in an I/O Magic box for 19.99. I didn’t test it yet, but didn’t know if I should return it to try to get another kind. Let me know. Thanks!

[B]Jpac[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I have almost the same drive - an SHM-165P6S which is identical except that it supports burning DVD-RAM media. I’m quite happy with the drive - it’s a good all-round drive. :slight_smile:

I have exact same drive.
No probs at all ,very good drive

No !!! I have exact same drive and the SHM-165P6S and they are my best 2 drives. :slight_smile:

I have a Lite-On SHM-165H6S and totally dig the thing. I’m thinking about getting another, it’s been such a good drive.

Not exactly the same model, but it looks like the 160/165 series is very, very good all the way around.

I bought the same drive, and it works very well overall so far. However, it cannot read one of the installer CDs in its box, which reads fine in my notebook’s drive. At first I wanted to return it, but then I tested with over 50 other CDs and DVDs (various formats) and it read all of them. It also writes fine, quality scans work and look good to me. (One thing that might be strange is that error rates on the scan graphs are somewhat higher towards the beginnings of disks.) Should I or should I not be worried about this? I could still return the drive, but I like it and it was a real bargain.


I had the exact same issue, the quality scan would drop in the beginning. It has not been an issue so far. I found this thread for some additional info: I have only had the drive about 5 days, I got it on Black Friday at Staples for $20 and I am just starting to play with it.

pacmac: That link took me to the 16x OverSpeed thread, where I couldn’t find any relevant info… What worries me slightly is that I don’t see scans like that from others in the forum.

Perhaps there are just slight manufacturing differences? I guess I would have expected the tolerances to be a bit tighter. Perhaps it may be as simple of getting another one and see how it performs?