Is the SH-S182 a good drive?


Until today I do not have any experience with Samsung optical drives. I have only LG, Plextor and Panasonic experience with optical drives.

Since Samsung ships a black silver and gray bezel in the retail kit, the burner sounds interesting for me since I have a Shuttle SD32G2 PC (in silver).

Is tthis drive a recommendation or not. The Samsung drive supports DVD RAM, and I like DVD RAM a lot, and use it very often

How is the firmware support of Samsung?

I know the Plextor firmware support is very good, even for older drives there are updates, the LG firmware support is not so good, a few updates and than there won’t be any updates, and my Panasonic drive… hmmm what are firmware updates…

Thanks for your response


It’s a good drive. Very decent burner & one of the best readers of poor/damaged media around.
Can also do quality scans - requires a registry edit though.

Firmware support seems reasonable & now RPC1 modded firmware is available here.

Does the burner work with the Panasonic / BHA DVD RAM driver? That would be great! I noticed that not all DVD RAM capable burners work with the DVD RAM driver.

And how can you enable quality scans?

Thanks in advance


Don’t know about the RAM driver but enabling quality scans is a simple registry edit.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality and edit the value in “blocked” . Remove “SAMSUNG,TSST,” leaving just “HL-DT-ST,PLEXTOR”


Normally it should. This might also depend on the flavour of Windows you are using. On XP, Panasonic’s driver just adds UDF write capabilities to the built-in driver. On W2k, this is different as there is no integrated DVD-RAM support.


I checked the drive with the DVD RAM driver. On Windows 2000 it seems that it will not work. I got an I/O error. But maybe I made something wrong patching the INF.

Under Windows XP it works perfect. I used the latest BHA version to test it under Windows XP. Write a DVD RAM works with Windows XP and that counts. My Windows 2000 machines are able to read DVD RAM, and I still have DVD RAM drives working with W2K…


I bet, your drive is not connected to an IDE controller that is run with MS default drivers.
I am running W2k, too, together with Panasonic’s RAM driver. No problem with both, my Samsung and my LG drive, that are connected to the standard IDE controllers of my mainboard.
I experience the IO error, if I connect a DVD-RAM drive via USB or a PCI IDE controller.

Editing the DVDRAM.INF file is not necessary if you install your drive according to these instructions:

Under Windows XP it works perfect.
I expected that.
There is a note in the readme file of Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drivers about ATAPI. That can be interpreted as “works only if ATAPI.SYS is used”.


You are right the drive was connected with USB. Since this drive will be build in my Shuttle SD32G2 Barebone the SH-S182 will never see Windows 2000 again :disagree: . I’ll install Windows XP on this machine, and DVD RAM works perfectly with XP.

All my other DVD RAM capable drives (Panasonic SW 9574, Panasonic UJ835, , and LG 4166) work very well with DVD RAM on a USB port of a Windows 2000 machine.

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