Is the quality good of Philips dvd+r 4.7GB?

I have bought Philips DVD+r 4.7GB disc for backup, is the quality good of this recordable ?

Why don’t you tell us your experience? :slight_smile:

Almost all branded discs are rebadged discs from different manufactures. The philips i have is RICOHJPN which are good discs. I have heard that some got CMC.MAG discs which is not that favorable around here.

Also, different burners can also make different.

Well I backed up an original dvd movie onto a philips dvd+rw 4.7GB with clonedvd no problems what so all, but when trying to back from that same dvd+rw to an dvd+r with clone dvd the movie froze after 40 minutes playing on standalone dvd player (provision it supports dvd+r /+rw), my question is how come ? Other movies I tried worked.

Might this be that clonedvd is trying to re-transcode an backup movie and then giving problems sometimes ?

Also, when I backed up this dvd+rw with clonedvd I tried to copy it on-the-fly with nero (4.7 to 4.7GB disc) nor problem at all.