Is the PX-760SA available in Europe yet?

I read in [](another thread) that the 760 had been released in Europe already, does anyone know of any retailers seliing it yet? In the UK, specifically.

have you tried looking here:

and here:

i’m not in the UK so that’s the best i can offer at the moment.

I just searched a bunch of those online retailers, and none of them had it.
What is up with that?

  • Tim

The simple fact that the PX-760[B]SA[/B] was originally announced by Plextor Japan only to be released towards “late May”.

Official statment: dating 28th Febr.

All other anouncements so far where just that: Announcements that there will be such a drive, not it’s actual availability. You’ll just have to wait … :cool:

correctemundo! probably even beginning of june

Yeah, I seem to have made a mess of my original post. I was indeed referring the Serial ATA model, which is what the post that I failed to link to specified.

Just announced:

“The Plextor PX-760SA and PlexWriter Premium2 will both be available from June 2006 at Plextor’s network of dealers.”

Is that announcement for Europe only, not the USA?

Also, are the electronics the same for the European varieties of the drives, so I can use it like one I’d buy here in the US?

And finally - DAMN! I just ordered (and will receive today) my 755SA! I should’ve waited! :frowning:

  • Tim

Yes, the drives themselves are the same no matter what region they’re sold in.