Is the PX-716A really worth the extra money?

From what I have read on the forums, I would not reccomend it unless your motherboard is on the compatable list & you plan on selling the 716SA when you update your motherboard.

Personally I would stick with IDE for a burner, less hassle.

Thanks Qwakr. I know what to get now. I’ll stick with IDE for now. Anyone knows where to get a cheap Drive?


The 716SA is exactly the same as the 716A except that it is a Serial ATA ODD. There is no speed or data transfer difference between the two. You do need to have a compatable motherboard to ensure smooth install and function (

The only benefits to using a SATA ODD is that it does not take up a Parallel IDE channel and uses a SATA power connector, thus freeing up an additional PATA IDE Channel and 4 pin Molex power connector for some other component. Also, the SATA ODD is automatically recognized as Master - no more jumper settings to deal with.

And no audio other than onboard (motherboard) sound, either.

not sure what you mean by this ftp1020 :confused:

The SA version doesn’t have audio connectors, does it? If so, oooops! :slight_smile:

At least I can’t see one here:

Unlike the one I see here:

I recall seeing a post from a disappointed SA owner about it, but no firsthand knowledge.

Sorry, drpino, I meant CD audio.

thanks for clarifying…

not that i have experience with an SA version of the 716, but most “decent” software media players can (and one should) utilize digital audio to playback a CD-A instead of the physical audio connectors…wouldn’t ya think? i know that’s how i play back AudioCDs if using any of my ODDs+PCs…

sorry for the O/T btw…IMHO (yes, i’ve posted it before zevia)…if i were to choose between either of my 716As and my 1640, i’d probably pick the plex :iagree: …especially at the current sale prices found at some retailers…

My ancient Plex 712 just thumped my 1640 again, this time with Verbatim MCC 02RG20, post is going to the scans thread as you read this…

I don’t see it. But let me guess, the 712A produces less PIEs but higher PIFs?

Fewer PIE, lower jitter, same PIFs (when both burns scanned in 1640).

Let see the scan then. :wink: I saw one in the BenQ forum.

I’ve found my DW1640 most often beats my DW1620 on crappy / weird media and on newer high speed certified media, but the DW1620 often handles 8x media better. Scanning results consistency between the drives is excellent, which points to good quality control with the BenQ’s. My Plextor 716A has never really gained my trust as much as the BenQ’s, and I scan with them a lot more as well. The 716A was finally starting to grow on me with firmware 1.09 and then it died. Now the RMA swap unit that just arrived makes some type of spinning / scraping noise when I close tray with no disc so I’m starting to lose my patience.

I re-scanned both because I can’t re-upload the same image, and on the second scan on the 1640 scan, 300 more PIF appeared. So, compare the two here or compare the Plex one here with the 1640 one in the BenQ forum here:

Check out the scan thread, ftp1020. :wink:

Psst. Open the png with the built-in MS Paint and save again (no need to edit anything).

never mind, doesn’t work…

And the Winner is…

Thanks very muchly to everyone who replied. It’s been a very busy week at both work & home so I haven’t had the time to ring the online stores to find whether they really do have the Plextor in stock.

It seems rather clear after reading through the all of the replies that if I don’t get the 716 then I should get the BENQ 1640. I was thinking of getting the LG GSA-4167B as the alternative if I didn’t get the 716.

On the spec page

it has:

Writing Mode
[DVD+R/+RW] - DVD Data and Video

Disc Formats
[DVD] - DVD+R DL 8.5GB, DVD+R 4.7GB, DVD+RW 4.7GB, DVD-R 4.7GB (closed session), DVD-RW 4.7GB (closed session), DVD-Video, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18

Does the BENQ 1640 write DVD-R’s Dual Layer? What about double sided DVD-R’s?


I won’t elaborate on this (no time), but if you’re interested in my opinion: don’t buy the PX-716A. I wouldn’t buy it again. The BenQ 1640 is probably a better choice. At least my brother is really satisfied with it, after I recommended it to him after my not-so-good-PX-716A-experiences.

Just got my 3550 from and it rocks so far! Can be crossflashed to a 4550 or 4551. Not ready for that yet. But no rip lock is standard and the usual NEC quality!
For price=

For quality

For speed read