Is the PX-716A really worth the extra money?

I currently have a Plexwriter Premium & it’s been burning CD’s very well for the last 2 years or so. I need to buy a DVD writer & I always intended to get a Plextor … when I had the money.

However, the Aussie distributor has either gone bust or handed the license back & MT&A haven’t appointed another distributor … probably because no one wants it.

Therefore, anything Plextor is very hard to get & what I can find is very expensive compared to the LG, BenQ, Pioneer, etc. I’ve found 1 shop that still has a retail PX-716A for AU$260. Whereas, the others are selling for AU$90-150 depending on whether it’s OEM or Retail, etc.

I’m prepared to spend the extra money to buy quality & something that will last but is it really worth spending the extra AU$100+ to buy the PX-716A?


2 words come to mind, HELL YES!!! if you can get the retailer to let you look at the units themselves i would check and see what the TLA number is on the unit, if it is 0304 or better go for it. if it is 0202 or 0203 RUN LIKE THE WIND!!! i went through 3 of them with the TLA numbers being the ones i said about and finally got a 0308 one and it is THE CHAMP of burners. Plextor had some troubles with the earliar models of this and have seemed to work them out later in production. and i am not saying a 0202 or 0203 one is not a good one but do a search here and you will see that others have had the same trouble with that particular number.

Whether any optical drive is worth the money paid for it depends on the requirements of the purchaser. My first Panasonic CD burner (4x, no RW function) was worth the $400 to me at the time. Nowadays, I’m not so sure I’d get $75 worth of value out of a Plex Premium. I have no use for its unique features, but others here sure do!

If it’s DVD and CD writing quality you’re after, several of the other manufacturers are on par with the Plextor PX716a and some are perhaps even better. But none offer GigaRec, SecuRec, or TA testing. As for reliability and durability, I don’t think there’s anything to pick between any of the major brands. However, for the most part, Plextor warranty service seems superior to all its competitors.

Plextor also seems on the verge of completing the shift away from the 716 & 740 models and replacing them with the 755/760 & 750 models. It’s likely the 716 will be declared “end of life” in the next few months…

well I know our 708 and 712 were a big waste of money, sold cheap bought
LG, benq and Nec’s

I wouldn’t give such a clear endorsement. I had an 0304 that quit on me after very light use. While it was being RMA’d to Plextor, I bought a BenQ 1640. Plextor gave me a brand new 0308 in replacement (excellent service), but I’ve decided to continue using the BenQ because it’s working just fine.

to me, my 0308 blows the benq 1640 away. i had both in my system and did burns with both of the same thing and to me the plextor beat it fair and square so i pulled the benq out of system and am going with the plextor for DVD’s and the plextor premium for my CD-R needs.

With the Plextor Premium in your rig … rather not since you already got the Plextor extra functions (although the 716A is a supreme and fast DVD ripper).

In your case, I would go for a BenQ 1640 … costs 50% of the 716A and is the better “pure” DVD writer with a wider media compatibility.

My first burner was a CD one, Yamaha SCSI 08/04/24 if not wrong, when everbody was using those stupid HP…

Even today, i can`t get such good burns like it did! And coast me at time ± € 300,00!!

After a Lite-on, Benq, some experiences with NEC also, Hell if the Plextor in a General view can`t beat them all!

Its a burner, that you almost cant make more than 100 of PIE.

Even the worse fake media, in comparation with other burners, is normaly well burned…

That`s my humble opinion…


I would agree with JeanLuc, and like Smoothieboy, I had a TLA 0304 that quit after very light use. I still find many aspects of the 716A unimpressive for the price, including the build quality and media compatibility. I would probably recommend BenQ’s. Although I did have one DW1620 which failed within 2 days, my current three BenQ’s (two 1620’s and a 1640) get far more use than my Plextor ever has and I trust them more. Best of all, I got them all for the price of one 716A and they actually burn at 16x :wink:

boy what a traiterous bunch you are!!! :slight_smile:

I still tend to compare the price of a 716A only to other retail drives, in which case it really isn’t that expensive. If you’re in the US, you can try your local Best Buy as they have been clearing out their 716As for 89.99 and 716UF for 169.99 (this has been mentioned before, but I thought I’d reiterate it). I was quite tempted to buy a “spare” 716A yesterday.

I would say money talks! At $39 for other units at it would be difficult to justify the extra cost. You could get a new 1640 and 110 for less money total and have two quality burners. I love my 716, but would not spend the bucks in todays market place. IMHO. Burn long and prosper!

I have both the Plextor 716A and the BenQ 1640. The Plextor is the better CD burner and reads old/scratched discs better. I returned 2 716A’s before my current one and the Tech Support and RMA experience was terrific.

The BenQ is a better DVD burner. It is my first one and I have no experience with their Tech Support.

Importantly, these differences are rather small.

If you want the extra features of the Plextor - GigaRec, SecurRec, etc - then get it. If money is an issue, or the Plextor’s unique features are not required, then get a BenQ or NEC.

Until the latest and greatest arrive and are tested out by this forum, I recommend the BenQ 1640 for its superior price to performance ratio.

BTW, I would not give/sell my Plextor away. It’s rock solid!

It is if you compare the year-old 716 to the year-old products from the other ODD companies… :bigsmile:

Yap, has been mentioned before and again I agree with it. The retail/clearance price pf 89.99 is really comparable with retail prices of Pioneer ($79.99), Memorex (89.99) or even retail BenQ 1640 $79.99 at CompUSA (or is it CircuitCity?).

I can get a retail BenQ 1640 for 58,90€ and a retail 716A for 114,90€ at the store in my neigbourhood.

With not recommending the 716A, I was just referring to the original poster’s current situation … he does own a Premium (which gives him perfect DAE, GigaRec, perfect CD burning and good game backups) so IMO, he doesn’t need the 716A’s extra features.

I have both the PX-716A and BenQ DW-1640.

I have the DW-1640 in my prolific case running full speed. It burns EVERYTHING I throw at it. It even copes very well with fake media (always get 90+ in scanning tests) and loves good quality media.

The PX-716 only likes good media, it can’t handle the fakes at all (coasters every time). It is also a very slow scanner for testing burn quality. I still use it for making gigarec discs. It used to be my DVD Reader up until Prolific fixed the ripping problem that the chipset had.

Personally I love having both drives but if I had to choose I would go for the BenQ, sorry.

I have a Plex 712A and two DW1640’s at present in my rigs. While I certainly like both drives, I am partial to the BenQ since it’s burns are so much cleaner, especially with “less than premium” media.

Also, I’ve found the BenQ’s to more than hold their own against the Plextor when ripping. In fact, I recently backed up a movie one of the kids had gotten for their birthday. Unfortunately, the DVD was opened and eleven 8-10 year olds did a number on the disc (well, actually, two in particular, were the culprits). The Benq struggled reading the disc due to numerous scratches/smudges, etc. Finally got it done in about 20 minutes. Sure it took a long time, but Decrypter showed ZERO read errors during the process. For kicks, I tried ripping with the Plex and ended up cancelling after about 20 minutes and only 40% complete. Even in this stretch, there were nearly 30 read errors reported.

As a couple have said, since you already have a Plex and are able to take advantage of the tools it offers, unless you really want to spend nearly twice the $$$, then I’d go with a BenQ. It never hurts to have multiple brands of burners handy :wink:

I think the Plextor Service is worth the extra money.
My PX-716 (TLA 0304) was defective an within 4 working days I received a brand new one with TLA 0309 without sending in my defective unit.
Plextor service is just excellent…

Hi guys,

What about the PX-716SA? The serial ATA version of this Plextor retail drive. is it the same as the IDE one and does it have the TLA# at 0304 or better? Its on sale at Newegg and thinking of getting it but want to make sure if it is the TLA #0304 or better. Any advise will help thanks.