Is the PX-716A 64 bit compatable?



Looking to upgrade my machine - new motherboard with a 64bit athlon processor running windows 64x. I know the serial ata version of this burner is 64 bit compatible (from a previous post), but is this true for the normal ide version? Thanks


Yup, running right now with the very same.

DFI Lanparty nforce III 250gb ultra
AMD 3000+ 64 @ 2.4 g 310x8
XP pro 64 bit pr
Plex 716a

Everything working just fine.


cool. thanks for the info crankydan.


How can be an optical drive “64 bit compatible”?
It’s the driver of any given hardware that should be WinXP 64 bit compatible. Go to the homepage of the manufacturer of you motherboard for WinXP 64 bit drivers for the IDE controller of the chipset.


Even that will not be necessary, because Microsoft probably will have included an 64 Bit IDE driver that works with every controller and every drive. :wink:


Right now I don’t trust MS and their 64 bit drives at all. :wink:


speaking of drivers – anyone know if Plextools works with WinXP PRO 64?


As far as I know, not yet. PlexTools utilizes its own ASPI driver and it’s still not WinXP 64 bit compatible.