Is the Plextor Premium 523252 worth a change?

Hey guys! I’m new to the forums here and have a question regarding the Plextor Premium drive. I currently have a Yamaha CRW-F1, the legendary CD Burner. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any Firmware update after 11/2002. And I am not sure if the drive is able to copy all new games. Audio protection systems are no problem though. Do you think the Plextor is better or should I keep my CRW-F1.
By the way, is the Plextor Premium capable of backing up disks protected with Starforce 3?

Your opinion is appreciated!

Well you maybe should consider buying a DVD burner instead of a CD burner.

I have both dirves and the Premium outperforms the CRW F1 in every way. Premium burns faster with better quality and reads absolutely anything you throw at it.

First scan is a Verbatim 52x burned on Yamaha. The second one on Premium. Same media.

You wont find a drive thats able to make backups of Starforce 3 without problems. But Safedisc 3, Laserlock, Securom, Ringprotech shouldn’t be the problem with Premium.

CRW F1 has even problem with Safedisc 2.51!

@ Arrow

Well, thanks for the convincing answer. :bow: I already have the Benq DW822A DVD Burner. The question is if the Plextor 716A is able to backup game and audio disks just as good as the Plextor Premium. In case it does I would get the Plextor DVD Writer instead. Do you know if it does?

Plextor 716a is an excellent burner @4x and 8x, very good @12x but bad burner @16x. This is what currently I know. Plextor has made two hardware revisions (TLA 01xx and 02xx) but still @16x not as expected.

Yeah I know, but is it a “2 sheep burner” and capable of EFM correction?

I don’t know if it is a two sheeper. 708 and 712 are both two sheepers. So it could be that 716 is also a two sheeper. But you never know!

Well guys! I just bought the Plextor Premium 52 32 52 for 45 Euros at Ebay. Usually costs around 90 bucks plus shipping here. So I guess I made a good deal. Just don’t know yet if I’m gonna keep the Yamaha. But who the hell needs 3 drives? The Premium should be capable of doing everything the Yamaha could, right? I’m just wondering what the quality of burned audio cds is like!

Premium is better. Also for Audio CDs.

Except for DiscT@2…

Okay. Disc T@2 is a nice feature but you don’t see anything on normal discs. I just were able to see the T@2 on Verbatim SuperAzo discs.

Verbatim Pastel Disk 52X. Audio backup at 8X with GigaRec 0.8

Thats the way it is!

Oh yes, that’s a fine burn! Great results with GigaRec at less than 1x…

Congrats Poaalpina!

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WOW! My two GigaRec CDs don’t look nearly that good, hopefully it’s just the 48x Ritek (type 7) media I’m using. Have you ever tried Mitsui and are they as good as these 52x Verbatims?

I can see why you’re sad if this drive is dying…

Well, keep in mind that those Verbatim Pastels are top quality TY media…
At least, they should… mine are 48x certified and are TY for sure. :cool:


Well the DataLife + i got are rather bad. Some of them have a visible manufacturing error like wrinkled spots…

No kidding. You are comparing RiTeks (middle-of-the-road-to-low-end) and Taiyo Yudens (absolute best).

Mitsui does not produce media anymore, though theUltradisc CD-Rs Mobile Fidelity Labs is selling have the Mitsui ID. I bought a five-pack last summer, here are the results. Not bad, but not nearly as remarkable as TY, at 5-10X the price.

GigaReC at under 1x will give better result on any CD-R blank. Same technology as Yamahas AudioMaster

Arrow says:

Well the DataLife + i got are rather bad. Some of them have a visible manufacturing error like wrinkled spots…

Arrow, could you please check if they are made by MBI or MCC? TIA

Thanks for the info. The reason I mentioned Mitsui is because is selling “Mitsui Gold”
for a pretty stiff price (comparable to quality DvDs).

The results you posted were for a straight (no GigaRec) 74 min recording? The C1 total and spikes are about 33% higher than what I get with the Riteks. Under GigaRec, however, it’s solid 20 C1s across the graph with occasional C2s and no CUs.