Is the Plex 1210A able to read subchannel or not?

I`m getting mixed info here:

-According to Elaborate Bytes the 1210A do not read Subchannel Data from data tracks.

-CDRInfo says it does…

What`s true ??


To my knowledge the 1210A can read the Subs :confused: I never had any problems with this but I use a different reader which can read the Subs also…

I seem to remeber there was some info on this when all the fuzz about the TLA#s were at its worst.

Correct me if I`m wrong:

TLA#0101 - No Subchannel
TLA#0201 - Subchannel ok (and if fware 1.04 - also SD2)
TLA#0303 - Subchannel ok

Let me tell u something:
In CloneCD hardware page is listed the worst ipothesis 'bout drives.
Infact, i have had different results for the same burner model. And even the same TLA!!!
The brands were: Yamaha, Plextor, Philips, Waitec, Ricoh.

I have TLA #0305 -> SubChannel Ok. Don’t know on SafeDisc 2 and FW 1.4 though…

the notation at elby was changed in response to plextor’s official line “we do not support sub channel bla bla”

so Olli changed his page to reflect plex’s position and avoid the “well your page says this” mail…

but most do

Thanx mates !