Is the Pioneer DVR-212D worth buying?



I’m very interested in purchasing this drive due to the SATA interface. However, I’m not sure how this drive will perform. Will it perform as well as the DVR-112D? I mainly burn Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x discs and Verbatim DVD-R 8x discs.


Read the comparison at


So no one else on this board has this drive?


So you never have either used search or read other threads in this subforum…


Here is a link to the conclusion. I have the drive and am very happy with it, though currently I am about 700 miles from it on vacation for spring break. I updated it with firmware 1.15 before I left and did only one burn with it.


wow not bad…its rated higher than the 112…might pick this up…$35 aint too bad either :slight_smile:


Newegg had them in stock over the weekend, so I pulled the trigger. It’s supposed to come today.

I run a SATA RAID 1 HD configuration, and I found that my Samsung like it, but my Lite-On hates it! I’m switching out the LO, and really hope that this Pioneer will work better.


@ Sgt_Strider,

Yes, many CD Freaks Forum Members have purchased the Pioneer DVR-212D and have commented on its performance.

If you review the CD Freaks Asus DVD Burner/Pioneer DVD Burner Forum postings you will see that there is a very active posting novelly titled “Pioneer DVR-212D 1st Look” with over 793 postings ->

There are also many other active informative CD Freaks Asus DVD Burner/Pioneer DVD Burner Forum postings concerning the Pioneer DVR-212D. If you are seeking information on the Pioneer DVR-212D suggest looking at the numerous active CD Freaks Asus DVD Burner/Pioneer DVD Burner Forum Pioneer DVR-212D postings.



That link that you provided is to the 112 thread, not 212.


He just made a mistake on the thread is all, surely you can see the threads on the 212 can’t you? :bigsmile: