Is the Pioneer DVR-107D a good burner?

Hi I’ve got an BTC4x dvd burner (pure shit …) and i would like to buy a better dvd burner ; i’ve got AN35 media -datawrited red V2 DVD-r (pure shit too, don’t work on the BTC) but i would like to know if the Pioneer is a better burner than my old emprex, i mean does it read and burn successfully cheap DVD-r/+r ?

And does it worse the buying ? (i’ve got the choice between PIONEER DVR-107D or LG GSA-4082B)

Thanks for replying and sorry for my english (I’m french) :wink:

Hello.The pioneer 107D is my first DVD burner so i can’t compare it to past experiences.But,from what i have read and from what i see on my own,yes,it is a good burner and also for cheap DVDs.I mean ,don’t expect miracles ,but i 've burnt myself Princos and Datawrite Red V2 (AN31).While they did have high PI/PO values,they were readable with usually a drop in reading speed after 4GB point.In another occasion my Pio 107 burnt a “Cd-Media” DVD-R that another burner couldn’t ever recognise.


i have owned 3 dvd burners… liteon 811s, emprex 4x, and pioneer 107d. I returned the first 2 drives because when I recorded movies they were basicly unwatchable. I have no problems with the 107d at all… Its the only drive I will recommend. If you are wondering what brand to get just look at the forums, count the number of problem posts you see in the differnt forums… I think pioneer seems to have the lowest amount of complaints and the most loyal customers.

Thanks a lot for helping me :wink:

I had the Lite On 451, but returned it for the 107D. While the Lite On seemed to be a good drive, I could not get over the tray eject’s hitch. It was also louder than I could tolerate.

The 107D seems to be a very nice drive; it is also well-supported by Pioneer and by the Pioneer-owner community. In addiiton, there are some very nice firmware hacks available. However, it takes FOREVER for the laser to calibrate; this is not trivial and can be truly annoying.

Overall, I would recommend the 107D. Ritek G04 DVD-R media seems to work well with this drive. But I have not tried other media, yet.

probably 'cause Liteon uses gears in their drives and the Pioneer uses the rubber thingy. Rubber thingies are more silent but don’t last as long as gears. So I do prefer Liteons approach even though it’s louder…