Is the pioneer 108 any good?

i currently have an lg gsa-4082b and it’s pissing me off cus it doesn’t burn dvds anymore properly. anyways, i wanna fix it or rma it and sell it and then get the pioneer 108 since it also does double-layer (for future usage).

anyways. is this a good burner for cheap media such as princo, hypermedia, ridata and to some extent generic no name dvds and cds?

i’m looking for compatibility not super high quality. lol. just as long as it burns the damn dvd.

if anyone has more suggestions about any other dvd tell me. but i’m only looking to spend about $100-150 canadian.

well i got my lg to work by changing the cable from the new 80-pin rounded ide cables to the older straight 40-pin. now it seems to burn fine. but i still plan on selling it and buying the pioneer 108. anyone, anyone at all have any comments on the pioneer burner?

It is a very good drive, the only downside is no bitsetting support. All of the other major drive manufacturers now support bitsetting (Even Plextor!). To me if you are looking for compatability then I would look to the NEC 3500 (using updated fw) or the Benq 1620 drives.

Well the Pioneer does auto bitsetting to DVD-ROM for DL media, so that’s still decent, sure, it’s not full control, but better than nothing.