Is the new TDK X8 better than the2500?

Is the new TDK x8 better than the standard 2500; if so will the firmware prove useful to Herrie?

It is the same exact hardware, it shouldn’t be any “better”.
I don’t believe Herrie needs that firmware, he’s doing better than NEC at adding more media support :bigsmile:
Normally OEM firmwares are equal to or not as good as the ‘official’ firmwares.
But just to be sure, do you already have the TDK rebadged 2500 ?
If so, what is the firmware revision?

I’ve TDK 880N and Herrie was interested in FW from this drive. In fact TDK FW has better media compatibility than stock NEC FW.

BTW Herrie has FW 1.31 from January so if you have this it’s useless to send it. But if you have newer one he would be interested.

Which version do you have?