Is the new Mad Dog a LG?

I just saw a new Mad Dog drive with DVD-RAM and Lightscribe at Circuit City tonight. In the picture on the front of the box the tray looked like a LG. I don’t think it is a NEC because NEC doesn’t do lightscribe and Benq doesn’t have lightscribe and DVD-RAM on the same drive. So that leaves Liteon and LG as possibles. Not sure what Pioneer has to offer.

wrong,new benq drive support ls and dvd-ram

Correct, BenQ’s DW-1670 supports DVD-RAM. The slightly older DQ-60 did as well. Pioneer’s 110/A10/111/A11 series support DVD-RAM as well.

If you can post a picture to the drive, preferably one that shows the top of the casing, we can hazard a guess as to the manufacturer. LG, BenQ and NEC all have unique casing designs and the top plate of the drive case has the most obvious differences.

I am almost positive it’s not a DQ-60 or a DW-1670. I have a DW-1670 and yes it does support DVD-RAM, but it has no LS support. I also have two Benq DW-1655 drives and they support LS, but not DVD-RAM. I have two Mad Dog rebadged NEC-4550 drives that do support DVD-RAM, but they do not have LS or Label Flash as NEC calls it. The only drives I have found that support DVD-RAM and LS are the Liteon 165H6S, LG GSA-4166B, the newer H10L and H20L series of drives. I am not sure if the GSA-4167 supports LS.

The Mad Dog website has no info on this drive and as of last night Circuit City does not list it as well. I would purchase it, but they want 79.95 for it, which is kinda pricey. I am curious though, I may have the buy one just to see what it is.

BTW, I called CC and the model number is MD16XTLI.

LabelFlash is something different from LightScribe

Oops, sorry, forgot you mentioned lightscribe in your original post.

One more drive to add to that list is the Pioneer 111L - DVD-RAM + lightscribe

Nope, it doesn’t. You’ve named all the lightscribe LG internal models there.

Thanks for the info on the Pioneer, I was not aware of it’s support for LS and DVD-RAM. I guess that leaves us with three possibilities now. Liteon(which I doubt), LG or Pioneer.

Well, I can’t find any information on the MD16XTLI through Googling. However, I can tell you what the top plate of the covers of a few brands looks like. The box the drive comes in should have pictures, so you can compare the thing and see which matches. It means you will have to take a trip to Circuit City, but at least you will have an idea of what it is without buying the thing.

LG writers always have a metal circle with an indentation at each corner of the circle :

Lite-Ons seem to have a series of horizonal lines (not always the same number of lines). Here is a picture of the top plate of the SHM-165H6S, so if it is a Lite-On, it should look exactly like this :

Pioneers don’t seem to have the same top plate design for different models. This is the top plate of a DVR-111. I am guessing that the DVR-111L should be similar :

Just for good measure, this is what the top plate of BenQ writers look like. They always have the same “square bracket around the label” look :

The other characteristic thing about the case design of BenQ drives is the air vents at the side of the case :

AFAIK, NECs have a constant top plate design too but as you have 2 of those, I won’t bother posting links to pictures.

(pictures all happily stolen from the local drive reviews)
Good luck! :slight_smile:

This is the only picture that it I could find of it on the net. It’s not too good and you can not see alot of details. The cutout areas of the tray did look just like my GSA-4166B tray.

I just talked to tech support at Mad Dog, tech says the drive is a Toshiba/Samsung. But he could not give me a model number. I didn’t know Toshiba and Samsung were related. I didn’t even think about Samsung. Anyway sorry to bother you LG guys, it looks like I guessed wrong! I think I will stick to my GSA-4166B’s, NEC’s and Benqs. Samsung doesn’t seem to be very highly thought of.

They have improved a lot! In my opinion they can cope with Liteon drives.


Like LG, Toshiba and Samsung have sort of joined forces for producing DVD drives. Their older drives (HS-552) were legendary for horrible burn quality and lack of booktyping features. They have steadily improved and their newer models are actually pretty good. Their drives use the same MediaTek chipset as LiteOn. Have a look at the local reviews of the latest Samsung drives. You might be quite surprised.

Nope, 111L supports LabelFlash, not LightScribe.

Could be this or this.

You’re right. I got confused. Thanks for the correction! :slight_smile:

Just got home with the drive, hated to spend twice what it cost from Newegg but I needed to know. It’s a SH-S162L Samsung.

Thanks for the info BWigg. Given that this whole discussion ended up being about all kinds of drives in the end :), this probably belongs in the main Optical Drives section. Will move it there.

Does the drive tray say MadDog or WriteMaster?

I believe it would say Mad Dog, but I don’t have that drive.