Is the new firmware v1.39 for asus 1608p2s any good?

has anyone upgraded to the new asus firmware v1.39. is it any good. it was a big mistake buying an asus drive coz of the crappy results. :sad:

I doubt a non-damaged 1608p2 would give bad burnresults.

actually i flashed the drive and i think it is working better than before. the cd rw writing quality has improved alot on cmc media. the average c1 errors were 2.32 and average c2 errors were 0.02. before this it was really bad (avg c1=90.28 and avg c2=10.66). and also i had some rotten princo dvd -r and the first one i burnt turned out to be a coaster but with the new firmware i burnt another one and it is ok but not great. :clap: also why does the drive hang the computer when a cd or dvd is inserted into the drive??? :confused:

What do you expect from inferior crap media??

Because the drive has to check what kind of media were inserted and the IDE/PATA bus is old and pranky…

Why don’t you jusst crossflash to Pioneer’s latest 1.41 ?

Yup, that would be a good way to get the max performance out of it…

Yeah that is a good idea :clap: but the prob is that if i do that there wont be any more warrenty. but who cares.

ok so i flash it with v1.41 from pioneer and when i boot the computer and look at the bios i will see the drive as asus or pioneer after the flashing of the drive and same goes in winxp, will i see the drive as asus or pioneer??? :confused:

and secondly will i be able to flash it back to asus v1.39 if anything goes wrong.

I think you cannot flash back to Asus yet.
Once crossflashed, the drive will appear as “Pioneer xxxxx”.

i was gonna buy a verbatim dvd+rw, and on the back it says mitsubushi chemicals but it also says made in taiwan. are there any verbatim dvd+rw made in taiwan??? thanks

Hi !
I like to kwow is there was once a [B]1.37 [/B] firmware available for this ASUS 1608P2S burner ?

Was the stock (original) fimrware of this burner the version 1.22 ?

Does anybody know if with the ASUS brand there are the same restrictions while flashing firmwares as with the Pioneer 110D: for example no easy flashing back towards the original firmware

ok so i flash it with v1.41 from pioneer

Is it possible to flash easily the ASUS burner with the 1.41 official firmware from Pioneer
or do you get a message like [B]“target not found” [/B] [B]unless you use the special procedure of crossflashing ? [/B]

Crossflash with DVRFlash

hy all.

i have flashed my drive asus 1608p2s to asus v1.41 firmware and now i am stuck with a problem. the writer writes fine with no errors but when i eject the disk and put it back in it doesnot read or recognize the disk. the disk is working fine on other drives but not on my asus 1608p2s. what should i do?? is it a problem with the firmware??
i am using nero 7.0 for burning dvds. this only happens with dvd r, not with cd r/rw or dvdrw. just the dvdrs dont work.

No problem with the firmware, but with some software/drivers on your system.

i took the drive back to the shop where i bought it. they tested it on thier computer and same problem. it burns fine but doesnot read they sent it back as it was still in warrenty. now my question is, i am worried that those people said they will replace the reading head of my drive. is it possible to replace the head of a 1608p2s with a 1608p2 as the 1608p2s was capable of writing dvdram but i dont have any dvd ram to test it with and i cannot buy it here. so what if they replace the head with a 1608p2 and not a 1608p2s, how will i know if they did that. is there any software that can help me with that. is it possible to do that?? thanks

The RAM capability feature of P2S compared to P2 is on the firmware level and all hardware is identical , so no need to be worried . :slight_smile:

thanks alot. thats a relief.