Is the new 20x Memorex Writer a LiteOn?

Is the new 20x Memorex Writer a LiteOn? Theres a Firmware available at the homepage for internal and external writer.

It seems that`s 20A1H OEM. Who first to check it?

Yes it is:

Vendor ID string       : Memorex
Product ID string      : DVD+-RAM 530L v1
Standard firmware rev. : 5M64
Internal firmware rev. : 5M64
Firmware timestamp     : 2007/04/26 20:14

Dated later than LL0A (2007/03/20) but older than KL0M (2007/05/08).

Doesn’t support SmartBurn or QSuite, so there is no way to enable overspeed burning for all media.

Here’s an OEM SONYD21 burned at 18x

Hi all

I dont know if the new 20x Memorex Internal Writer is a LiteOn or Not…
But what I have noted is that the NEW Memorex 20X External Models
are now only USB2 instead USB2/Firewaire!!!

I think that may this is a bad news?

Please upload(for public) this Memorex stock firmware(or just for collection:) ). I try this.

is it really a 20A1H?

C0deKing any way to crossflash this drive to a Lite-on?


Yes, just use my Flash Utility. For the above scans I used an 18A1P. :wink:

hey i have the same drive a Memorex DVD±RAM 530L v1 only it says my firmware is QM62 i want to cross flash this to a lite one so i can use the bit type settings any idea what firm i should use?

The Book Type Utility at works on a Sony DW-G120A I have, and I’d think it’d work on other LiteOn rebadges too.