Is the NEC NR-9100A a good burner?

I have a NEC NR-9100A and I can make working virtual drives for need for speed <sd2.9>
But can’t burn them working. What should I do?
I use Alcoholer 120% 1.9.2

Right. Have you checked the Alcohols’ emulation options? Such as Hide Media Type and SafeDisc emulation?

Good luck.

can i burn it with a cd rw?
the extra emulations too?

yeah it works perfectly but how?
what does alcohol do with hide media?

Hide media type is a emulation that hides the fact that you have a CD-R in the drive, making it look like a CD-ROM. Most protections look for a CD-R, when verifying the copy.

can only alcohol make this option

no, Clonecd has gide cd-r media and I think blindwrites autoplay does something simillar

Yeah, autoplay is just another ATIP hider made by VSO.

I make a working copy with a cd rw at the first time
but if I start it all over again the cd didn’t do it
speed.exe get lost
what should I do?

In the list on
says that my burner NEC NR-9100A is a no-sheep burner
but with the test he can burn the sdold.bat file! That means 1 sheep
What’s true?