Is the NEC drive picky about being master or slave?

Is the NEC drive picky about being master or slave?

I have two drives: Plextor 52x (non premium) and a NEC 3520A. I noticed that the IDE light shows when the NEC drive is in activity, when only the Hard Drive should be making that LED light up. Does that happen to anyone of you? Also my system slows down a lot when burning DVDs. I think that the UDMA might not be working correctly although Win XP reports a correct DMA configuration (shrug).

I have them both in the second IDE, the Plextor is master and the NEC is slave. Is the NEC picky about it? I know that the Plextor doesn’t want to be slave, but I didn’t know that the NEC could be picky too.

Although maybe I need a new flash for my motherboard. ASUS nForce 2 Deluxe. I’m with 1.04 for overclocking but if necesary I’ll upgrade to 1.08 even if it means worse overclocking :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using 1.UA firmware on my NEC.

First, I’ve heard others report that the NEC 25x0’s don’t like being slave, though I haven’t tested this theory myself, and have also heard others say that’ve run theirs as slave successfully.

Second, reguarding that LED lighting up when the drive is working, this is normal for the NECs.

Third, though your bios reports the controller being in DMA mode, make sure your bios is set as well. I have an Asus P4R800-V Deluxe and found the bios reporting the channel as in DMA mode while the bios was actualy set improperly for the drive. If you have a section for SB100 EIDE controller or something of that sort, look there. If not, just go over each page in the bios with a fine-toothed comb.

Best of luck.


I have my 3500 as MASTER on the Secondary IDE with a Plextor DVD as the SLAVE (yeah, NEC is the MASTER and Plextor SHOULD be the SLAVE :slight_smile: )

My LED on the NEC only lights up when I access the NEC, accessing the Plextor doesn’t make my NEC light up either! Could be because I don’t share the NEC with a Hard Drive?

for what it’s worth…i have had my 3500 as both slave and master at various point in time, and have never noticed any difference.

(pardon me but…) ¡¿¡¿WTF!!! I just checked the BIOS settings and I had the Secundary Slave IDE DISABLED!!! ¿?¿?¿? I wonder how it was even working! My gosh xDDDDDD

because the bios is only required to detect devices to boot from, the windows hal is totally seperate

i have 3 hd, so my 3520a is the “secondary slave”. And the slave works fine :stuck_out_tongue: