Is the NEC 6650 compatible with the IBM Thinkpad T42?

I want to upgrade my laptop burner and was wondering if the 6650 will fit in the Thinkpad T42 slot. Or if anyone can recommend a good dvd burner (Non-OEM) that is compatible with my laptop that would great as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

No. T42 = 9,5mm (anti)standard. Nec 6650 = 12mm standard, wont fit inside T4X series without using good hammer. You got only 3 choices according to forum:

"T40p-41p use UJ-812B, its DVD-Burner, write 2X DVD-R/RW/RAM and 16X CD-R.

T42-43p some type use UJ-822S, its super multi, can write 2.4X DVD+R/RW, 2X DVD-R/RW/RAM and 24X CD-R.
now, T43 had new super Multi, UJ-832S, can write 4X DVD±R, may support DVD+R DL."


However those with older thinkpads (like myself, got T23) can use Nec 6650. You need IDE adapter stuff from your old T23 CD player (3 peaces) and you need to cut the rectangular ‘hole’ at release mechanism. Done in 2 minutes. I repeat, T4X series=out of luck (won’t fit inside). Hope this helps.

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