Is the NEC 4570/4571 a good choice now?

The two drives use a different chipset. They are completely different drives.

For anyone still interested, the 4570 is at Newegg.

I know that for this long, NEC made good quality burning DVD-RWs.
Are any of the following a better choise than the 4571 [B]burn quality wise[/B]:
LG GSA-4167B


Sorry for getting a bit off-topic.

You are missing the better choices. I would go with the Liteon 165P6S, the Pioneer 111, or the BenQ 1655. I have not been impressed with my LG 4167, the 4166 is a better choice.

I didn’t mean just DVD±R burns… Also CD-rs…
Does you recommendation still stands?

I’m to very pleased with my NEC ND-4570A, Verbatim 16x DVD+R, MCC004, Recorded at 16x on a Nec 4570

I’ve just received my new 4570 drive (ordered a 4550 but they just sent me a 4570 for the same price). So far I’ve been writing TYG02@8x, with very good results. I love the 8x CLV writing introduced in this model. I was a former BenQ 1620 owner for more than a year, but after my drive failed and I sent it to RMA. They couldn’t replace it and refund me. As I had 2 bad BenQ 1620 burners in 1 year, I will not buy any BenQ drive, they’re prone to failure. Back to NEC, after my first burner, a ND-2500 :smiley:

Those are not at all good results for PIF errors for this media. They are barely acceptible, especially considering that you scanned with an NEC.

I have not checked CDRs as my 1693 Liteon and Pleaxtor Premium both do very well and I have not looked at the others. If you have a particular drive narrowed down I can check a few burns on Ritek, or CMC, or Sony, or Verbatim. Send me a PM.

I don’t agree. These are very acceptable results IMO.

The PIE and PIF levels are well within spec, and the transfer rate test is perfect.

I have to agree with Dee on this one. This is a perfectly acceptable quality scan, in my opinion. But chas0039 is well known for (and takes pride in) being extremely picky about what he considers an acceptable quality scan. By comparison, look at my quality scan (same drive, same media) back in post number 8 in this thread. Now that is what I call a bad scan! I would assume my drive to be defective, except that it produces beautiful results on TYG02. I just hope that Nec makes a new firmware available soon.

Thanks for reminding others about that. I keep forgetting to mention it.

In any case, even though the burn is OK, it is easily one of the worst you can see from any drive on this media. But I have beaten this drive to death so I should really try my best to avoid anymore comments that just say the same thing.

I would hate to think anyone would come to believe I was obsessed. :rolleyes:

Obsessed? You? How could anyone possibly think that about you? :confused: :bigsmile:

OOOOOF! And he launches a hard right to the mid section. And the champ is reeling… but still on his feet. What a pro!

A poster requested some CDR scans. These are as good as any I have seen.

Burned on a 4570 1.02, at 24X.

Hi chas0039,
Thanks for the scans.
One thing though (and Please reprove me if wrong): I find it hard to trust DVD-RWs scans… Any LiteOn after the LTR52246S is an excellent and objective scanner.

Anyway, is there a particular reason not to write at 48X with the 4570/4571 on any media? Will C2’s emerge…?

I have not really found any reason to dispute DVD RW scans for CD media, as long as it was a Liteon.

I tested a number of media in my Plextor Premium where the drive limits the burn speed to achieve the maximum quality. Most media stays near 24X so I just burn at that speed. You can check your own at 48X and see if you find it acceptible.

I agree that 24X is probably optimal for CD-R writing…
Even though, I’ve written enough CDs to waive a small portion of quality for half the burn time.

So i’d appreciate it if someone could upload scans of 48X burns on 4571.

My LTR52327S used to be superb at 48X but it’s worn out now and everything I write at above 24X has C2 errors on it not to mention high C1 counts.
This is the reason I want a drive capable of quality CD-R burns at high speeds.

It has been brought to my attention that I was mistaken in assuming that DVD burners were good for scannng CDs. I had usually seen comparible results but my scans were very limited so I believe I was missing some critical information. I will post some new scans later, done on my Plextor.

As mentioned before, here are scans on a Plex. Premium.

The first was burned on a 4570 at 24X. The second was burned on the Premium at 24X. The last was burned on the 4570 at 48X. As you can see, the Premium keeps this media at 24X for a good reason.

Unfortunately, Plextools doesn’t keep the numbers. The first scan has around 11.5K errors, the second 4.7K errors and the last, 15.5K errors and 16 C2 errors at the end.