Is the NEC 4570/4571 a good choice now?

I need a writer that:

  • can write Varbatim DVD+R 16X MCC04 at best,
  • silent … I don’t want another jet engine in my PC :wink:
  • has with very good reading and/or scanning DVD performance

Is NEC 4570 or 4571 the writer I need?

Or the Benq 1640 / 1650 could be better?


No, the 4570 has severe problem MCC 004 as well as YUDEN000 T02. It seems to be OK with TYG02. Also scanning seems to have the same problems NEC has always had. It will be a while to get good firmware, as is usually the case with NEC. And I love NEC drives.

I would go to the LG 4166 if you really want to burn MCC 004 at 16X. It is superb with the CMC variation and pretty good with the Prodisc made discs.

If you really want scanning, you will have to burn at 12X and go with the BenQ 1650 or the Liteon 165P6S. I have tested the 1655, not the 1650, and it has good 12X burns. The 165P6S is waiting for a pending -R fix and also does fine with 12X MCC 004. All three of these drives are loud, I would say the BenQ is a little less noisy.

It is just too early for the 4570.

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I have a NEC 3540 and a 4550, they both burn MCC 004 and YUDEN T02 at 16X with very good quality. They also can scan but are not really accurate. 3540 is a better scanner but still not nearly as good as Liteon, BenQ or Plexor drives. The LG writers are superb burners and why do you need to scan your dvd’s if they are burned that good.

Sometimes the media is bad and you won’t know unless you scan it for error levels.

I just got the 4570. Didn’t read reviews about it, cause I have faith in NEC. I’ve got 25 MCC 004 discs to test it with, a media that my 3540 burns exceptionally well

Update, just burned one and scaned it. It had a problem in the 0.5 to 0.75 GB area and some quality decreasement by the end of the disc. Since its the first burn I can’t make any conclutions (sorry for the Greek menus in Nero; its not my primary PC and I forgot it was set to Greek language)

I warned you. :rolleyes: :wink:

You want to see a bad burn on MCC004. Here you go. Verbatim 16x DVD+R, MCC004, straight from Best Buy. Recorded at 16x on a Nec 4570 using CDSpeed 4.50.

And just for comparison, this burn was made using the very next disc in the same spindle. The burning software was the same, the ISO image used as input was the same, same computer, everything the same EXCEPT for using a Benq 1655. These discs actually burn slightly better at 12x on the Benq, but I was attempting to make a point here.

Risking to possibility of being tought of as a NewB but…
What is the Difference between the 4570 and the 4571?
And is the 4571 better at writing DVD+Rs?

The 4571 has the LabelFlash feature, the 4570 doesn’t. There are no other differences. :disagree:

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Or to be more specific, it DOES have the labelflash feature, but it is software-disabled

Ok. Then, to be even more specific, firmware-disabled. :wink:


I’m very pleased with my NEC ND-4570A. It burns TYG02 very well and TY T02 good. It burns CD’s very good. I scan with PlexTools @1ECC Rows, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

But I haven’t burned any MCC discs with it. Never liked them very much anyway.

Did the 4571 burns ‘mcc’ DVD-R as bad as he did with DVD+R?
I was going to purchase one, but my prefered dvd-r are ‘Verbatim Advanced Azo DVD-R’ and they are usally mcc.


It turns out that this burner gives by far the best burn with the SONY 08D1 inkjet-printable media. So I’m starting to like it. Will post a scan shortly. Arerage PI are below 5, where with the 3500A they were 10-20 and with the 3540 50-100.

And with people demonstrating a beta firmware for the 4571 claiming it solves the MCC004 issues, it seems that these drives are rather good, provided that you apply the new firmwares and don’t stay with the stock one.

Sony 08D1 with 4570 (top) & 3500A (bottom)

Orion 24 wrote:
> And with people demonstrating a beta firmware for the 4571 claiming it solves the MCC004 issues,

Which firmware? I don’t know where to search for a good MCC04 4571 firmware :frowning:

I’m not sure if I said it right. Anyway I was refering to firmware 1-01b for the 4571 drive, that you can get here. I’ve heard possitive comments about it

Im going to buy a 4551 or 4571 too and would be very pleased for scans of both drives (latest Firmwares) with MCC004, because i just bought 100 of those. I think it won’t take much time until this mcc004 “bug” is solved but it’s not certain and I can’t wait a whole month or probably longer for burning my first dvd+r ;).

The scans of 4551A with Verbatim DVD+R mcc004 were very good in the cdfreaks review and although the 4571 is the newer drive I wonder if it will be even as good as 4551 or better anytime… [B]are there even any other differences between 4551 and 4571 except 8x DVD-R DL and starting at 6x speed when burning at 8x?[/B]