Is the NEC-3500A the best value burner today?

I am in search of a new burner for faster burns and dual layer. I looked at the drives from the big 3: pioneer, nec, and liteon. I see that the nec 3500A is the cheapest and supports the fastest burn speeds. I was wondering if this drive supports stuff like autobitsetting through firmware mods? I heard this drive is fast and quiet. What do you think? Thanks

the NEC is an excellent burner and a good choice. but from what I have been reading the Benq 1620 is as good or better and it sells for around the same price as the NEC. only problem is actually finding them they are presently out of stock at newegg as they are a very popular burner. I am going to get one myself when they are back in stock.

the only problem with pioneer is it does not support bitsetting. has the Benq1620 in black faceplate in either retail or bulk for about $85 and i do belive free shipping for ground only good deal if you live in california.

The NEC is now 68 USD and 4 dollars shipping at Newegg which is dirt cheap.

The Pioneer 108 is 78 + 4 and the BenQ is 77 +4. So if value is the question, then i think the NEC is the best value since all of them seem to burn similarly well.