Is the NEC 3500 a Good Drive?

Ive just purchased a new NEC 3500 to complete a new build. Ive XP Pro running but seem to be having problems. Did a EFM Test and burnt the 4 dat files to cd no problem but when trying to copy files back to HD it failed with a cyclic redundancy error on the sheep3.dat which is a file of 430 Mb of bad tracks. It copyed both sd2old and sd251 and might have copyed the bad.dat file correctly as well. My PC crashed at this point so im not sure if it it was caused by the bad.dat or the sheep3.dat.

Just how reliable is the 3500 for burning CD’s and DVD’s. I read up a little on it before i purchased and it seemed to get good press in forums,magazines etc. People who have this drive could you post comments on your experiances on backing up Game CD’s and DVD’s and what methods you employed to do so.

Yes NEC 3500 is a good DVD burner. :slight_smile: This drive can handle any DVD media you throw on it.
Have you burned any DVD´s yet? And what exactly are “the big” problems… :wink:

I use my Lite-On´s (CD and DVDRW) to read/copy and burn copy protected stuff so my experience with NEC on that matter is limited, or to say null.

BTW, if anybody wanna check “the sheep´s”, here is a guide :cool:

Well Im still learning this so am concentrating on learning how to back up my games CD’s at the moment. Dont have any blank DVD’s yet so cant try that until i get some money.

Im having trouble backing up Call Of Duty. Ive only 1 drive so have to make an image of the CD on my HD and then burn it to a blank disk. The problem is that Call Of Duty is copy protected with Safe Disc 3.10.020 and it seems that NEC 3500 wont handle that level of copy protection. As most games now use this copy protection it apears i wont be able to backup any of my games CD’s.

I read about how to bypass this copy protection you have to emulate the bad sectors that the copy protiction inserts and to do this your drive has to be able to encode in EFM. However the guide also said that there is different levels of encoding 3 being the toughest and it seems its this level that is required to write safedisc 3.10.020 protected CD’s .

This is my understanding at the moment. Like i say im still trying to learn this stuff but if im right then i would say that the NEC is a dud. Might be ok for burning your own stuff but not really much use for backing up industry standard cd’s

99.99% of the people here bought a nec3500 for the better dvd burning,buy a liteon for copying protected cd games.

The NEC 3500’s chipset cannot do the EFM properly so it won’t do most protections. I use a LiteOn cdrw for burning protected type things and it works great, their dvd burners seem too work to but their dvd burn quality is usually lacking.
It’s a great dvd burner, a OK reader, a bad protected stuff burner, so it depends on what you really wanted it to do.
I’m pretty sure most of the reviews I read say it won’t copy that kinda stuff, just get the Litey CDRW or combo drive and be a happy camper. I have 5 optical drives in here now and 3 of them are dvd burner. Partly becuase I can and have the room, and partly becuase each unit does better with some media then the others.

NEC ND-3500A is the best! period!
Use firmware 2C8_SE

Just tried to back-up a ps2 game with the NEC ND-3500A at 2.5 speed and it doesn’t seem to work on my modded ps2 :a . So would it be possible to make better burns with firmware 2C8_SE or is it just a hardware issue of burner or disc?

firmware 2C8_SE ? I heard the only reason to use firmware is to speed it up and it runs the risk or fcuk ng my drive. is there any other advantages to using non standard firmware ?