Is the NEC 25xx that bad of a reader or do I have a bad drive?

I’ve heard that the NEC 25xx series were bad for reading DVDs but produced nice burns which is why I bought a 2510a. However, it seems like about 50% of the DVDs (data or video) I burn with it produce errors when I scan.

However, when I scan the same disk with my Samsung DVD-ROM drive, they all look perfectly fine. Not a single error to be seen.

Are the NEC really that bad at reading disks or do I have an exceptionally bad reader? Should I return it or is this normal?

Ok, generally from my experience… yes nec 25xx is not a good reader…

but… it seems that my nec2500/2510 only fails the scan test on very cheap media (ex… from Interaxia AG) … but scan on other dvd-rom got no problem :confused:

using good/average media does not give me any scanning error… :bow: