Is the MSI CR52-M any good?



Does anyone here on CDFreaks have this drive, if so would you recommend it? I know it’s capable of doing EFM correctly, it’s cheap, and it’s supposed to be fairly quiet. I was thinking of getting it, so I thought I would get some input first from the experts.:cool:


Also, when will the 32X Ultra Speed + media be available to buy for it?


Check out the review at CDRLabs.

I think that I heard that Verbatim is releasing 32x RW media in October.


Indeed, Verbatim will be releasing 32x RW media in October…

If you use RW media (a lot) you might want to consider an other burner, as CDRLabs’ review states that this burner doesn’t perform too well with rewritables. Normal writing seems to be working very well though…


According to reviews I’ve seen it do not support correct EFM. (it’s a rebagged Optorite CW-5201, which have a sanyo chpiset).


The CDRLabs review stated:
Thanks to its MediaTek chipset, the CR52-M can do EFM encoding correctly.

Which reviews have you seen, OC-Freak? The one at CDRLabs is the only one I’ve seen, and it says this drive has a MediaTek chipset. :confused:


I found out the difference: the MSI CR52-A2 is an OptoRite, but the CR52-M is actually made by MSI with a MediaTek chipset. I found the information in this thread.


Thanks guys, so basically the only downside to it is that it doesn’t do well with rewriteables. I wonder how it would do with the Ultra Speed + media when it comes out? Since Verbatim is going to have them, I figure those would do good with it since Verbatim makes high quality discs.


You’re welcome. :smiley:

CDRLabs tested the MSI drive with 32x Ultra-Speed media in the review to which I posted a link above. It doesn’t perform as well as some other drives.

If you want to consider a drive with faster RW performance, you might consider the Lite-On LTR-52327S. You can find a review here. Although I haven’t personally tested the RW performance with Ultra-Speed discs (because I don’t have any), I have been happy with my two LTR-52327S drives.


I know Lite-On is good and everything, but those things are noisy, and I wanted a quiet drive. Also, I considered the LG 52/32/52, but it isn’t out yet, and it comes with only Nero Express, not the full version of Nero. So, I’ll probably look around for some more drives like the CR52-M.

Or I might just get the MSI drive anyway, since it’s not for me, it’s actually a birthday gift for a friend, and I wanted to get a dummy-proof drive. I didn’t want to have to explain EFM when his burner failed to back-up one of these heavy protected CD’s.


OK, thats fine. I haven’t noticed that my Lite-On drives are unusually loud, but my computer’s fans are extremely loud, and I don’t have any modern drives other than Lite-Ons in use to compare to the Lite-On drives. BTW, the LTR-52327S only comes with Nero Express, too.

I hope that the MSI drive (or whichever drive you end up choosing) works well for your friend! :smiley:


did anybody try to burn with this burner any new safedisc 3.x or securom 5.x games backups?

does it work?