Is the manufacturing of the dye expensive?

I was wondering why some media is cheap and nasty while others are really good. They are after all based on the same technology. They all require a stamper. They all require and use similar plastic discs with layers of dye on it. They all require packaging and shipping etc.

So is the expensive part of the process the dye? Is getting the dye right a problem? Is using the right chemicals the issue?

Or is it simply lack of care taken in quality checking? Or using stamping machines that are either old, knackered and/or poorly maintained?

Just wondering.

Thats a good question…

There are many different types of dye and stampers.
Many companies license out the technology to other smaller companies that cannot afford or do not have the capacity to develop these technologies on their own.
The proven, better quality dye types ( such as Mitsubishi AZO) and stampers will cost more to license out.