Is the LTR-52327S a bad reader?

I have been searching for a new burner for backing up latest protections (specially Safedisc) and have read several threads where people reports success with the LTR-52327S but only when paired woth a LTD-166s DVD-ROM as a source-reader.

Is the LTR-52327S a bad reader then? Can it not be used succesfuly as an alone drive without needing an aditional device?

I have read that Plextor Premium works ok as reader and burner so I decided to come here and ask the Liteon people.

My burning program is Alcohol 120%

Thanks a lot.

the liteon 52327s is a good burner but if being able to back up copy protected cds is a must then i would recommend the plex Premium
hope that helps :slight_smile:

I think that people use the 166S because it’s not a burner and is thus unable to recognize that a disc is a CD-R instead of a CD-ROM, which is useful for playing the game.

@code65536: Not too sure about that m8, I think the most have used the LTD-166s as a source-reader when making the images. If you see in the different threads of “success copy” you will see.

The 52327S is incredibly average. It’s the epitome of mediocre, but it’s cheap so I guess you get what you pay for.

It’s not a BAD drive - It can read most stuff pretty well and does decent enough DAE, and it’s speed is pretty good too. That said, as a writer it totally bites for non-obsolete copy-protections and every burn I’ve done has put a ~3000 C2 error spike at the beginning of the burn, which sucks.
It’d say it’s a good OEM drive, but the quality is not as good as I’d want by a long shot.

If you have the cash, get the Plextor Premium - It’s expensive but it is pretty much the pinnacle of CDRWs :wink:

Thanks, nice advices. I have already ordered a Plextor Drive.