Is the living room taking over the forum?



Wandering throughout CDfreaks forums, I see alot of the living-room attitude used throughout serious posts.

So I have to ask … Is the living room taking over CDFreaks?


Nah, they are escaping from it!


Example …


Can someone post a “Summary Reply” in each LR-attitude thread that has all in one? 101st reply has just been posted there.

Original post asked if there was any way to determine whether a pressed DVD movie has been copied, rather than played?

Current discussion involves little green men involved in conspiracy theories concerning P2P, porn & other legalities


Heheeee well remember, you get what you ask for… :wink:


I don’t know which thread is sillier. This one or the one you’re linking too or for that matter me for posting in it. :bigsmile:


It was only a matter of time :smiley:


My vote goes for all three :stuck_out_tongue:


It is, after all, in the Newbie Forum. Maybe they have the same allowances as the Living Room?


I’m actually incredibly surprised the Mods haven’t closed that thread down yet. :eek:

Each afternoon, I expect to see the “locked” icon!


Strange, I haven’t seen anything concerning P2P, porn or other legalities except maybe post #77 posted by you.


Ok, You got me … I exagerrated on the P2P & Porn … but the conspiracy theories and the little green men do exist :wink:

And there is definately talk about probing people. That’s too close to porn for comfort :stuck_out_tongue:


LMAO :bigsmile:


It was sure nice to take a little break from the "How do I turn my DMA on"
And yes the mods and admins have been very nice to us. :iagree:


What makes you think it is going to be locked? :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean it’s not? Now I’m really shocked (or am I just living in hope…ROTFL) :bigsmile:


I agree…the break is nice, even if it isn’t in the most appropriate place! :iagree:


B b b but you CAN´T close it…the little green men ARE real


Oooh… Is that what they look like? Surely now my memory circuits will be erased again…



I don’t recall the little people causing all these horrible problems being green?
Oh wait, I did see one green one. It was on Saint Patties day. He must have fallen in my green beer and drowned poor little devil. :bigsmile:
Everything on that post has been “off topic” I admit, but never “off colour”.
Apologies have been made to the original poster and his friend several times.
The world is in such a mess right now, everyone wanting to kill everyone else, you can’t even read the paper or watch the news without getting upset and depressed. This has just been a little break form reality.