Is the LiteOn SOHW-832S a good Drive?

I want to buy the 832S but i never had any DVD-drives/burners from Liteon is it a good and flawless Drive can i burn DVD-R from Verbatim with it and how good is the error correction ?


Ahtlion XP 1700+
Asus A7N8X Delx. rev.2
412 Apacer DDR-Ram 2700
Sapphire Radeon 9600 Altantis (256MB)
DVD: LG 8162B
DVDburner: BTC 1004IM (the drive i want exchange with the liteon)
Samsung 120GB 7200rpm
OS: Windows XP with SP1

Error correction of 832S on damaged DVDs is the best I’ve ever seen (applies to all LiteON DVD burners). CD correction is quite impressive too although there are better drives.
As it comes to burning, you should have absolutely no problem burning Verbatims…
but avoid shits like Princo, AN31, AN32, and so on…

For my point of view, this is a good burner although the actual firmware is not so good (if you read the post about it… but it’s mainly for certain kind of media…). The DL media are for the moment not present everywhere, so the time you will use it, a new and better firmware should exist and correct the small problems.

You probably see that this forum is very good and you can find a lot of tools for the liteone burner… Go in the other threads for other brand and you will see much less tools… That’s a great point… The code guys are doing a very good job here !

All liteone drive that i see here can be easily customized. This is great.

If you look at the test you will also see that it’s a good drive for error scanning, copy protection, … at speed of 40 for cd…

Liteone is also working hard and put regularily new firmwares. That’s a good point.

now i don’t know where u live and what are the prices of the media, but in my country now the +r are at the same price than de -r (for most media). The difference of the price between low quality media (princo, rammedia, datawrite,…) and high quality is not so high (if you wait for promotion and check the adds regularily…)…
So if the situation for you is quite the same, i would suggest you to use +r. These are better than the -r and with the bittesetting utility, you can change them as dvd-rom so they can be read in any standalone player…

Actualy, if you try to use your drive not in a good way (try to burn at 8X 4x media, burn noname media,…) the result are not garantee and you can say it’s a bad drive…

If you use it wise you will get a good product.

I live in germany and its the same here with the +/- media its mainly the same price and the good brands are not too expensive (1,49€).
I read many tests with liteon drives 811/812 etc.
btw what tools are out there and what do they ? (maybe a stupid question)
There arent many Tools out for the BTC so im asking.
One of the mainpoint i want to get a Liteon is that it seems very flexible.
I had not really probs with my old Drive (BTC) but i want a better drive. ^^
What are the costs for a DL media ?

Check out the tools collection sticky and read the threads/documentation associated with each tool. :wink:

yep, follow the link, you will be very pleased ! and of course, buy good +r media you will be very happy for the price…

Also check the section with media quality, to find the good one for you. I tested emtec 4x (ricohjprn001 that can be burned at 6 and 8 x) and maxell 4x (yuden…)

(now here with promotions we can find good media for ± 1€ each…)

many say that VS03 firmware is not as good as US0N with media, so currently (till DL media comes), is it better/possible to make 832 a 812 (downgrade) to use the US0N firmware?

Yes. Just OP the official US0N flasher.

Today i was on the way to buy the drive and finally after searching for it i ordered it with the help of the almighty internet.
Not one Unit in Stock in any Shops in this city lol.
I hope it ships soon so i can test it.