Is the Liteon LTR-52327S capable of correct EFM encoding of regular Bit Patterns?


I want to ask this question :

Is the Liteon LTR- 52327S capable of correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns ( a two-sheep-burner) ?
So does Securom 4.8x and bigger pose a problem for this burner, or does the 52327 beat it ?
And has the Liteon DVD-burner LDW 401S the same functions as the above mentioned CD-RW burner ? And does it beat securom 4.8x and bigger as well ?

Or is the Plextor premium the only solution. ?

Thanks in advance,

Liteon 52327S can defeat safedisk 2.90 without problems.
In case of securom 4.8x, you can only make a perfect backup with autoplay support at blindwrite or using twinpeaks method with clonecd for perfect readibility in almost all devices. (although some like toshiba dvd and old plexis will fail to read)


some of the 52327s drives out there are having difficulties with SD 2.9.040, including mine.

To anyone else having problems, try reading in a different drive, try burning at highest speed possible using 52327s drive.

Even then, the process isn’t perfect.