Is the liteon 166s dvd-rom suitable for kprobe?


I habe noticed that my liteon drive usually measures very high error rates, even with perfectly burned dvd+r media. So I just wonder if my reading drive, a jlms 166s, is not suitable for doing these tests. Is there a comparison of how different liteon drives work with kprobe?



I have found that to be the case with my 166S as well, which is odd seeing as how the Japanese sites I visit that show KProbe scans on the same DVD-ROM, burned with the same burner I have (ND-2500A), using the same media, are far better than the scans I get.

Hey guys,

i have the same concerne. I burn on the 2500a on Samsund/TY, and scan on the 167T. I also see others scanning on it, with mutch better results even @8x, while i am only burning @ 4x, just to be sure.

So i dont know. I am just hoping that it is the reading on my dvd rom/computer setup, and if i get a lite-on burner in the future (or any other burner that is supported by cd-speed3) i will see lower error rates. The disks do read without a problem in several readers/burners, 95% of the time.

Well, good luck for all of us, that is all we need… hehe

This is good to hear!
I was just planning to buy a nec2510a and a liteon 167t reader and using the reader for kprobe tests. Are these results really bad?(maybe you can show us some results)

166 (and probably 167T) are great for scanning with kprope and cdspeed, Dont forget to run CDBREMSE and limit the drives to 4x read speed :wink:

i have a 166s and had the same problem, this app fixed it (coz kprobe speed limit doesn’t work on the dvd-rom drives)

hey dicer

interestingly, i am able to lock the spped of my 167T with KProbe, but not with CDSpeed3. Actually, i just installed KProbe and did some scans and the look terriffic, so this is good new for you EYES ONLY!

I’ll post some scans, of Samsung TY 4x soon…

Till then, you can order the whole package EYES, from newegg, they wont dissapoint. Get the Samsung 50 spindle too, it is below $40 now, shipped. (If there is stock…) I got 5 spindles from dell when they had them for a week @ $42. then it went up to $80. I’ll check if they still have them.

So, later…

here we go:

it says no disk, because i saved the graph after the disk was out already. you are gonna have to trust me that this is TY DVD+R 4x (samsung)

lookin’ mutch betta, than with CDSpeed3

nice :open_mouth: i wish my 2510 burnt ty’s that well :open_mouth:

Will by those 2 then :slight_smile:

glad i could help…