Is the LH-20A1L a poor scanner for Samsung SATA 203B burns?

All the quality scans I’ve done of 8x burnt TYG02/TYG03 and 12x-16x burnt TYG03 written by any of my four 203B’s and using NS w/CK’s 4x jitter applet look horrible! We’re talking PIEs in the 400+ range for most of the scan, whether scanning at 8x or 16x – although the PIF and jitter portions look fairly normal. The discs do produce a smooth TRT and have no playback problems, though.

The only decent scans this Litey has generated are of some old TYG01 burned at 8x by a NEC ND-2500 and some MCC 03RG20 burned at 12x-16x by a SATA 203B… WHY??? I bought this drive exclusively for quality/jitter scans. Is this a bad scanning drive?

I usually scan at 4x with my 20A1x drive as 8x scans look somewhat whacky. Give that a go.

I have the same results from 203b burns scanned in my Liteys and they’re good scanning drives. For some reason the BenQs like the 203b burns but my Liteys don’t. 4x scanning def can help too.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Tried 4x and the PIE average dropped to 300+ from 400+. I just think I have a combination of Sammys that don’t like newer TY and one of the less desirable Liteon scanners. My NEC 3550 gives better quality scans…