Is the LG Home Theater System (LGDVT418) a good system?



:smiley: Im wondering if anyone has any feedback on this. I want to upgrade my setup with a good surround sound and this one sounded great at the store… not to mention it looks great too… I just want to know if the DVD player is going to play my back up DVD collection or not. They have it at circuit city and its the only one that Im really considering buying…

I bought a panasonic, but although it looks and sounds great, its giving me problems with some of my backups… so Im thinking of taking it back and getting the LG system. Thanks for any input!


thanks for all the great replies… uh huh… anyways, I purchased the system and I love it! I couldnt be happier. It has amazing sound, a am/fm tuner, it has DD & DTS capabilities amongst other things like mp3, pictutre slideshow and such. It cost about $360 with tax and all and it was worth every penny. Ive recieved no problems what so ever with playback of any of my backup copies of my DVD collection… the same couldnt be said about the panasonic surround sound setup that I had to return because it only played select ones. but this LG is great! you should all check em out for yourself


LG has good quality. :slight_smile:


LG projectors are beginning to gain some market share. I’m considering to buy an LG projector instead of one from Panasonic now due to cost.


Is the home theater system wireless? I was thinking of getting it myself