Is the LG GSA-H22N the same drive as the LG GSA-H22L (LightScribe) version?



Can someone please tell me whether the LG GSA-H22N is the exact same drive as the LG GSA-H22L (LightScribe version)? I just bought the H22L
and it always takes 30 seconds to read a DVD before it will play it.
Maybe the Lightscribe is slowing the thing down. :cop:


as far as i am aware these are the same drives, just with the 22L with the extra hardware for lightscribe


Many of us who bought H22L’s, at least at Best Buy during their sales, have had some issues with the drive’s burns not coming out as well at the H22N burns that have been posted. Also, there’s been a 1.01 firmware released for the H22N that has not appeared for the H22L.

It’s possible some of the non-Best Buy H22Ls are different/better. (like how Plextor rushed the first batch of 716 drives to BB to make a contract date… we all know how well that worked out!)

I think they’re mostly the same drive, but the firmware is probably slightly different in both leading to slightly different results. Odds are for your problem, they’re the same drive.


Any Idea if Best Buy has models with Firmware 1.01 installed. They never answert their phone.